Inspirational quotes: Dream / Dhirubhai Ambani poster


The words are by visionary Indian business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries. He took Reliance public in 1977, and by 2007 the combined fortune of the family was $60 billion, making the Ambani's the second richest family in the world.

This elegantly crafted Art Deco inspired piece of custom lettering, is by our American friend and collaborator Mike Harpin. Read more about him below.


Available in 4 sizes. 

A0 size measures 84.1 x 118.4cm, 33.11 x 46.61 inches. 

A1 size measures 59.4 x 84.1cm, 23.39 x 33.11 inches.   

A2 size measures 42.0 x 59.4cm, 16.53 x 23.39 inches.   

A3 size measures 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches.  


Printed on wonderfully textured artists canvas 350 gsm Rives fine stock paper, and A3 textured paper, using high calibre non-fading ink, and Giclee style inkjet print process. Individually. For a stunning work of art. 

Frame not included. But wooden stretcher frame available- photo 3


Mike on Dream Bigger

For this inspiring quote by Dhirubhai H. Ambani, I wanted to create a feeling of determination and hope for the future. I set out to accomplish this by utilizing clean lettering, refined geometric shapes, and bold colors. With those elements in mind, I thought of the Art Deco movement of the 30’s and 40’s when, in a post war era, the general feeling of triumph and hope also began to seep into art and architecture.

In studying the architecture and sculpture of that time, I noticed the frequent use of heroic, superhuman figures. Here they help support the design, whilst emphasizing the central tenet of Dhirubhai's words.


Mike on Mike

I’m a designer slash art director slash history addict, born and bred in Southern California—Which means I’m accomplished at maneuvering in flip-flops. I have a passion for creating and lately it’s been posters, tees, and type.


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