10 Reasons why you want one.

- Words can continuously push you towards your goal.

- What better way to start your day than with an uplifting verse?


- Art that doesn't cost an arm or a leg.


-  Motivate yourself & loved one’s through life’s trials and tribulations.


- If ‘Invictus’ kept Mandela going for 27 years in jail, it’s sure to work for you.


- A great way to instill your children with the right principles.


- Do some good inadvertently, by inspiring those who walk by your canvas.


- A framed one makes for an impressive, and wonderfully unexpected gift.


- The perfect inspiration for every kind of work space.

- Nothing fires imagination or stirs the soul like a sublime painting or poem. 

- What better present than Kipling’s IF, for your son, godson, grandson, or brother?

(OK, so actually 11 good reasons, for those counting :-)

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