"I was not prepared for the quality of the production (of UNION) - the canvas gives an elegant class to the content. And the poster is clever in that it looks beautiful but subtle from not very far away,  it draws you closer to see what it says, and keeps you close while you read it.
A very, very fine piece of work - congratulations! I will have it framed and give it to my god-daughter on her wedding day in August."

Robert Fulghum / New York Times Bestseller author  All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten / Grammy Nominee



"I am a huge fan of what Posterama is doing - inspirational texts presented in funky, contemporary designs that bring a bold splash of statement to your wall. All backed up by a friendly team that go that extra mile to meet their customers' needs. Love your work." 

Cissy Bullock / CEO- Lohas Asia



“I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to receive the IF & BEATLES posters. Both, in terms of content and quality, they far exceeded my expectations.
Thank you. And congratulations on a world-class effort.”
Mohammed Khan / Legendary Copywriter, Creative Director, Agency Founder (Rediffusion, Contract, Enterprise Nexus)  



"Posterama has managed to revive the old poster art in a new digital avatar. While maintaining originality and the bespoke look, the posters here are now easily accessible to people across the world. The quality of printing and the use of high quality canvas does great  justice to the work done by some truly talented people. I am very impressed with one of my personal favourites – ‘IF’. I am equally impressed by the powerful depiction of the quote from our Founder Chairman, Shri Dhirubhai Ambani. Exceptional work!"

Kaushik Roy / President- Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication / Reliance Industries Limited



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