What are my shipping options?

We offer Fast, Medium & Slow shipping.

For the latest information please click here. 


Can I track it? 

Normal / Priority / US Orders

Also check with your nearest post office with the tracking number.


What's better canvas or paper?

Our canvas prints last much longer (usually 10 times, if protected from the elements). Each canvas is also treated with an extra protective layer against surface abrasions.

While paper has a shorter life, is more affordable and some colour palettes are more vibrant on it. 


Do you frame?

We now offer wooden stretcher bar framing for all designs in A2 / A3 size.

And for the US only - also in A1 & A0.

Email us if you don't see what you want.


I'm a creative. How can I collaborate?

Please email us 5 of your best pieces. Including typography & lettering samples. Thanks :-)


What sizes do you offer? Can I have a larger size?

We print from small A4 to large A0 for most designs. Email us about a larger one. 


Do you create commissioned work? Offer volume printing?

Yes we do. Yes we offer cost effective high volume printing.

Email us for details.



The Guy in the Glass poster. Poem by Dale Wimbrow.




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