Top 10: Stunning Serenity Prayer typography posters for sale (Updated) April 12 2023

Featured below are some of our favourite hand lettered and typography posters of this inspirational quote, from around the web and our online store

Shipped worldwide from our workshops in Asia & America.

The Serenity Prayer is one of the most powerful prayers for strength and equanimity. Penned by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, it is also sometimes referred to as the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer, for its pivotal part in the 12 Step Recovery program. 

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Image: Serenity Prayer typography poster in black, red and blue.



Image: Elegant typographic Serenity Prayer poster in black and white from Swedish 12 step collective CA.



Image: Serenity Prayer hand lettered silkscreen poster by Kris Atha

 Image: Hand lettered Serenity Prayer A4 sized poster by Leah Design


Image: Serenity Prayer calligraphy poster by Holly Monroe


Image: Serenity Prayer poster series by PrintableLoveStory



Image: Serenity Prayer calligraphy poster close up from

Image: Serenity Prayer (long version) calligraphy poster from

Image: Serenity Prayer colouring poster for kids found online.

Image: 'Serenity Prayer' printable from Crafty Secret for personal use or fundraising to support 12 Steps Programmes. 


Image: Serenity Prayer Glow in the Dark poster (seen at daytime) 


Image: Serenity Prayer Glow in the Dark poster (seen at bedtime)   


Image: An old Blackletter version of the Serenity Prayer of unknown origin. 



Image: Serenity Prayer double sided 'Strength Cards' for your wallet. 50 per box. Email us to order.



Serenity Prayer calligraphy poster from 



Image: Serenity Prayer calligraphy & illustration poster red and blue.




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